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Dogs, Blogs and Logs…Ten Things of Thankful

Being grateful for so many things: dogs, novels, work, technology…

Beautiful places to describe

And Then She Spurted a Second Novel…

So…there’s the first draft of this second novel I finished…while trying to live down some adventures this summer. A little retrospective!


Ten Things of Thankful – Before the Voyage

So many things to be thankful for, including road trips, novel writing and a whole slew of other incredible things…

meditation retreat

The Meditation Retreat

Going on a meditation retreat presents many opportunities to learn about yourself: through the practice of silence, meditation, vegetarianism, and through nature. Through long sessions of meditation, the insights I’ve gained have changed me forever.

meditative retreat

Going on a Retreat and a Writing Update

A meditation retreat and making progress on the book. Life is good…but not having access to technology? Now wait just a minute…


Working at the Office

It’s the end of the school year and after a week of cleaning, moving furniture and cabinets to store everything for the summer, a CPR class, and starting the process of aggregating data, I am enjoying the “slow down” from the frenetic pace of the year. Now that the pace has slowed down a bit, … Read more

Book first draft personal development

A Little Side Project

I’d started off strong with blogging in April and through a chunk of May, but I “slacked off.” Well, there are several reasons for this. The Work Situation First, is the day job. Last March (2015) when I started this job, I had “two years” to start an after school program, grow it to 50 … Read more

walking around the lake

37 + TTOT

Another year around the sun and I’m thankful for friendships, blue moons, walks in nature and so many things…

energy fields

Shielding Yourself

A friendĀ (Hi, Melanie!) and I were talking the other day, and we happened upon the subject of stress. We all have it, we all experience it, and today’s modern world seems to ooze with it. I asked her if she ever “shielded” herself. When she asked what that was, I got the idea that I … Read more

The sun will shine through life's trials

After the Storm: A Poem

A poem about life’s storms…and the sunshine that follows.

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