Cynthia: Writer. Poet. Philosopher. Photographer. Colorful Creator. Spanish Teacher.

Always exploring and going on life journeys. I document via images, poetry, personal writing and way too much thinking. I am a Spanish teacher in my other life, but I bring it all together here in my little webiverse. Get some tea. Stay awhile. I'll give you some glitter.

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Graduation…And Ten Things of Thankful

Graduation Well, I made it. I walked out into the Convocation Center and hadn’t thought about graduation that much. I’d bought the gown, paid my student fees for graduating, but…it hadn’t really hit me. Finished a 200-page portfolio (it was something like that…I don’t know how many pages, really. It was a compilation of ALL my work as a grad… Read more →

My thoughts in a thunderbolt

It’s a November Kind of Post

I’m one month away from graduating. …and I have “senioritis” so badly, that I decided to write a blog post instead of working on lesson plans or second-language-acquisition papers. I think it was because I was on Stumbleupon a little bit ago and came across this fantastic blog post on writing and blogging and his whole thing just compelled me… Read more →

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A Poem for Peace

Taking Time for a Little Peace With being in the throes of academics – both as a teacher and a graduate student – I haven’t had the time I need and want to post here. But, soon I will be finished. In the meantime, though my days are very full of all things education, I still take time to meditate,… Read more →

mindfulness using a puzzle

Finding Mindfulness In Little Things

In a guest post over at the Wakefield Doctrine, learn about finding mindfulness in small things – like a random geometric puzzle. Read more →

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