walking around the lake

37 + TTOT

Another year around the sun and I’m thankful for friendships, blue moons, walks in nature and so many things…

energy fields

Shielding Yourself

A friendĀ (Hi, Melanie!) and I were talking the other day, and we happened upon the subject of stress. We all have it, we all experience it, and today’s modern world seems to ooze with it. I asked her if she ever “shielded” herself. When she asked what that was, I got the idea that I … Read more

The sun will shine through life's trials

After the Storm: A Poem

A poem about life’s storms…and the sunshine that follows.

10,000 steps to complete the journey

How to Keep Pressing On When You’re So Tired

When life’s challenges get you down, there’s something you need to realize. And it will keep you going.

matcha tea

A Quick and Simple Guide to Tea

Tea as Meditation You’re about to get a whole different idea of “tea” than you’ve ever had before. Given my love of tea and the whole ritual of making it – especially when you find a good-tasting tea – I wanted to share in this delightful morning ritual. It’s calming, meditative, and there’s more to … Read more

game changing books to read

The Best Game-Changing Books I’ve Read in the Last Year

These ten books that I’ve read have the potential to change your life. From gratitude to asking “how can I serve?” you find out that experiencing success is so much more than your career or moving up the ladder.

quotable quotes and wisdome

A Letter to My 18-year-old Self + TTOT

A letter to my 18-year-old self incorporates tenets of gratitude, wisdom, and philosophies to help me get off on the right foot as I head into adult life.

relaxation meditation

A Guided Meditation Script for Relaxation

Take a break to visit a special place to relax and recharge. Using this guided meditation script, you can visit your oasis anytime, and anywhere.

Purple flowers in the garden - success

A Poem for Success – Intuitive Writing

My intuitive writing session led to a poem about success. It probably has a lot to do with material that I’ve been reading….

peace image

My Journey Into Guided Meditation

Explore various guided meditations you can find around the web. Everything from brainwave technology to repeating mantras can help the mind to focus when paired with a regular meditative practice.

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