The End of an Era…and New Beginnings

Back in early January, I shared a post about creating vision boards and doing meditations to manifest your destiny. It was a “Ten Things of Thankful” post, and yes, I’m still eternally grateful. But, after that, I hadn’t written much. And there was a very good reason. Okay several good reasons. First was that like … Read more

be as you are

The Process of Figuring Out What You Want Out of Life

The process of figuring out what you want out of life…

hold the vision

Thankful – The Visionary Edition

I used to own a pear (haha, get it?) ¬†of rose-colored glasses. And though those fun frames have long since disappeared into oblivion, I still don the imaginary pair. When life throws lemons, I make furniture polish. And use strawberries to make moonshine! Click To Tweet Just kidding, I really just sit down and make … Read more

writing exploration

The Great Writing Experiment

Inspiring reads, fabulous ebook authors and a stab at my own ebook.

gifts for writers

Gifts for Writers

Are you a writer? Do you know someone who is? Or works at a computer for much of the day? Then you’ll want to check out this list of perfect things for writers. This is also part of the Ten Things of Thankful Blog Hop.

The Frosted Window

The Frosted Window (FlashFiction)

Jasmine sat staring at the window. The view was of other rooftops: white, brown and dilapidated. The sun was coming up, peaking over the other buildings against a crisp, blue sky. She swallowed some tasteless oatmeal and glanced at the clock. She had to leave in ten minutes. She heard someone yelling through the thin … Read more

clark compass

Graduation…And Ten Things of Thankful

Graduation Well, I made it. I walked out into the Convocation Center and hadn’t thought about graduation that much. I’d bought the gown, paid my student fees for graduating, but…it hadn’t really hit me. Finished a 200-page portfolio (it was something like that…I don’t know how many pages, really. It was a compilation of ALL … Read more

My thoughts in a thunderbolt

It’s a November Kind of Post

I’m one month away from graduating. …and I have “senioritis” so badly, that I decided to write a blog post instead of working on lesson plans or second-language-acquisition papers. I think it was because I was on Stumbleupon a little bit ago and came across this fantastic blog post on writing and blogging and his … Read more

peace image

A Poem for Peace

Taking Time for a Little Peace With being in the throes of academics – both as a teacher and a graduate student – I haven’t had the time I need and want to post here. But, soon I will be finished. In the meantime, though my days are very full of all things education, I … Read more

mindfulness using a puzzle

Finding Mindfulness In Little Things

In a guest post over at the Wakefield Doctrine, learn about finding mindfulness in small things – like a random geometric puzzle.